Nutrition & Health Quiz:

1. BONE ALERT! The mineral  you are missing (HINT: IT'S NOT CALCIUM)

2. The Vitamin that stops Type 2 Diabetes

3. More than 25 studies show one mineral intake can effectively lower blood pressure and that one daily serving of that mineral rich food will cut the risk of death by stroke may be as much as HALF:-

4. A Blood test that can easily identify hidden diabetes (Not Fasting Glucose Test)

5. Popular mythology has it that cholesterol is bad for you; this is partially true. What most people don't realize is that anything below _____ may indicate a cholesterol deficiency. At this level, the body may be lacking in the cholesterol vital to building up cellular membranes, Vitamin D, the nervous system, and steroid / sex hormones.

6. Why do most heart attack victims have "normal" cholesterol levels?

7. About 80% of people  are somewhat ______ (Alkaline / Acidic), ______ (Alkalinity / Acidity) accounts for headaches, high blood pressure, asthma, spastic colon, muscle cramps, back ache, rash, eczema.@

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